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Your search for the healthiest and purest ayurvedic medicines and supplements is over with Kayasetu. We are a dedicated eCommerce website that helps you get the most effective and choicest of vegan, organic medicines and supplements right at your doorstep. When everything is full of impurities, we make sure we bring you 100% organic unadulterated products to boost your health and well-being. Our products ensure the overall nourishment of your body including a healthy gut, high immunity and good health.

We combine health and comfort together by bringing you an array of healthy, organic and vegan superfoods at a single platform. For long, health and food enthusiasts were struggling to get their hands-on high-quality food supplements that are an equal part of health-promoting and delicious. We left no stone unturned to ensure that every product on our website fulfills your health and nutritional requirements while making your taste buds dance the tango.

What do we sell?

Our foundation is our firm belief in Ayurveda; the most ancient science of health and wellness. The products we feature on our website are derived from the scriptures of Ayurveda. Promoting organic and vegan food, we bring a selection of pure, high-quality and nutritional Vegan and Organic superfoods at a single platform.


We aim to make superior quality organic and Vegan food supplements and medicines easily available to our customers. By promoting healthy and natural eating, we aim to help our customers receive the benefits of Ayurveda through our nutritional range of superfoods and supplements. We cater to the taste and nutritional requirements of our customers and look forward to build a long-term relationship of mutual benefits.

Why choose us?

High quality, purity, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction are the core driving force at Kayasetu. We have invested significant time and effort in curating the richest inventory of organic and vegan medicines and supplements from around the world and are continuously updating it, to bring the best superfoods at your disposal.

The quality of the food that we sell has always been the core of our considerations as we include the finest items on our website. To ensure customer ease and comfort, we offer easy to track and use shipping facilities that deliver your choice of food, right at your doorstep.

As a firm believer in Ayurveda, we ensure that the products we offer to our customers are full of the nutritional value as well as a delight for the taste buds.


RB Web Tel Pvt.Ltd. started more than a decade ago under the able leadership of Mr. Roshan Bhatt. RB Web Tel Pvt. Ltd. is an ecommerce company. In just a decade this company has grown exponentially. Around a couple of years ago Kayasetu Pvt. Ltd. was started under the flagship of RB Web Tel Pvt. Ltd. Kayasetu Pvt. Ltd. is a company that is engaged in the marketing of Ayurvedic medicines, wellness products and food supplements. All the products are of very high quality and prepared in a most hygienic manner. In just a couple of years we have created a niche for ourselves in the market. Now our products are the most sought out ones in the market. We are sure that in the coming years, we will add more and more products in our list.


Our organisation Kayasetu Pvt. Ltd. believes in holistic and natural way of treatment using herbal ingredients. It is our endeavour to keep the population in a good health. It has been found that chemical products do more harm than good. They treat one ailment, only to create the other one. We want that everyone should adopt Ayurveda as a way of life.


Managing Director

Multi Level Marketing. It is a business that can also be called network business. Every trade needs proper training and learning. Here at Kayasetu, we shall provide you the requisite training and full support. We will help you how you can have good rapport among your uplines as well downlines. It will ensure your success in this business.


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Kayasetu is an indian direct selling company of Trusted Ayurveda Products which gives you a binary income as well as 5 types of royalty income.

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