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The Panchkarma
Due to many ailments kapha is accumulated in the stomach and large intestine. For removing it Ayurveda suggests panckarma. The panchkarma is cleansing the body of the toxins. These processes are cleansing the body, mind and emotions. These processes are: Therapeutic Vomiting (Vaman); Purgation Therapy (Virechan); Enema Therapy (Basti); Nasal Administration (Nasya) and Blood-letting (Rakta Moksha). In this blog we shall know about Vaman Panchkarma.

Vaman (Therapeutic Vomiting)
The Ayurvedic treatment of vaman is conducted when there is congestion in the lungs and there are repeated attacks of bronchitis, cold and cough. This treatment is done to eliminate the mucus-causing kapha. In this treatment the person is made to vomit under the supervision of the doctor.  The night before the day of Vaman, oil massage is administered. One to three days before Vaman, the person is asked to drink a cup of oil two or three times a day until the stool becomes oily.

Ayurvedic Super Foods to Ease Anxiety
The person starts feeling nauseated. He should eat diet that increases kapha in the body like rice and yogurt. Early in the morning the heat is applied on the chest which further aggravates kapha. Then the person should sit on a knee-high chair, and drink a concoction of licorice and honey, or calamus root tea. This is measured and recorded before being drunk, so that later on the amount of vomiting from the decoction can be determined. Then the person should rub their tongue with their fingers to induce vomiting and it should be continued until bile comes out in the vomits. The degree of success is determined by

1. The number of vomiting (maximum 8 and minimum 2)
2. The quantity of vomiting.

After vaman the person should take rest. The quantity of food should be increased slowly but steadily and the natural urges like urination, defecation, gas, sneezing and coughing should not be suppressed. However, persons suffering from serious and chronic diseases should avoid vaman.