Stones in Gallbladder and Kidney -- A Severe Problem

Gallstones:  The gallbladder stores bile. This bile is essential for the digestion of fats.  When fatty foods are eaten bile is released.  Gallstones are of four types. However, most common stones contain a mixture of cholesterol, bile salts, bile pigments and inorganic calcium salts.  It may takes years to appear symptoms when once stones are formed.  When a gallstone moves it is likely to get lodged between the duct lever and the duodenum. It results in severe pain followed by nausea, fever and vomiting.  Partial or complete blockage by stones in gallbladder might lead to even jaundice.

Kidney Stones:  Kidney stones are formed in kidneys and are generally made up of calcium salts. They can also be made up of uric acid, or non-calcium crystals. This problem is increasing among people. In case the kidney stones block the ureter it results in severe pain. The pain could be as severe as in case of pain of childbirth. 

Following Herbs and Spices can be quite helpful in curing stones both in kidney and gallbladder:

Jo Khar:  It is known to prevent the formation of gallstones particularly in women in an effective manner.  It is rich in fiber and reduces the secretion of bile acids. It increases insulin sensitivity.  It is also effective to prevent kidney stones.  It also supports kidney health.

Kalmi Shora: Kalmi shora has been  used in Ayurvedic treatment since ages. It is also called Saltpeter. It is a chemical compound and occurs in nature as mineral. Primarily it is used gunpowder. However, it is very beneficial for treating kidney stones also.  It should be consumed regularly with water, lemon juice and turmeric and it can help to flush out kidney stones naturally.

Gokhru:  It is used in Ayurveda system of medicine for maintaining kidney health. It helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones and it also helps in dissolving the existing stones.  It is commonly used to get rid of kidney cyst and removal of kidney stones.

Ber Pathar: Ber Pathar helps in dissolving and pushing the kidney stone along the course of the ureter. It also reduces the burning sensation in the urine and helpful in treating dysuria (difficult or painful urination).

Makoi: It has been long used as an alternative medicine to prevent and treat kidney stones. It is helpful in decreasing uric acid and urinary oxalate levels that are responsible for forming kidney stones.

Shatavari: Shatavari root helps in preventing stone formation; it also removes oxalate stones.

Akarakara: It is very helpful in maintain good health of male reproductive organs. Thus it also helps in preventing formation of kidney stones.

Our product Shilanashak comprises all the above mentioned ingredients. It is very helpful in preventing both kidney and gallbladder stones. For best results it should be taken with the soup of Kulthi daal.  It does not have any chemicals and thus it is free of any side effects.

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