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Nowadays, more and more people are becoming health conscious. Nowadays, everyone wants to lose weight. As a result many different companies have grown like mushrooms that claim that by consuming their medicine one can lose their weight. However, most of these ingredients are comprised of harmful chemicals that can prove very harmful in the long run and they are hardly ever effective for the loss of weight.  According to Ayurveda overweight may be the result of excess of Kapha. Ayurveda system does not focus on short-term gains, it emphasizes on the overall healthy body.

The problem of indigestion is also very disturbing. Almost every individual is suffering from the digestion problem. The reasons for this are the irregularities in sleep, wrong diet, stressful life, toxic food and environmental conditions. Allopathic medicines do help in the problem of indigestion, however there are many side-effects also.  However, Ayurveda has very effective and natural ways to tackle the problems of indigestion. It focuses on correcting the lifestyle and dietary patterns to treat indigestion.

Following are some of the natural herbs, shrubs and spices used for weight loss and indigestion:

Roasted Methi Dana: Methi dana is very helpful in treating many gynae-related problems. It controls weight and is helpful in reducing cholesterol levels. It is helpful in boosting immunity. It is very helpful for lactating mothers since it aids in increasing production of milk.

Roasted Ajwain: It is known as carom seeds in English. It is an Asian spice and is used for adding flavour to dishes. However, the benefits are not only limited to its taste but they are much beyond that. Ajwain is helpful in weight loss. Ajwain seeds help in keeping the stomach control. It is very helpful in providing relief from acidity.  It helps in the treatment of common cold.  Ajwain water is very good for women. It cures the problem of indigestion for pregnant women since it helps in cleaning the uterus and stomach and solves the issue of irregular periods.

Roasted Kali Jiri: It is a very valuable spice in India. It helps in fighting infections and preventing chronic diseases. It is helpful for treating piles. It is very helpful for digestion and problems related to it. It has in it caffeine which is very helpful in treating asthma and other respiratory problems. It is very helpful for lactating women and also with women who have irregular menses. Thus we can say it is panacea for many diseases.

Jathara Churan from the house of KayaSetu has in it all these ingredients. It is a product which is very helpful in the treatment of gynae-related problems, indigestion and is helpful in weight loss.  It is comprised of commonly used spices in every Indian kitchen. Thus it does not have any side-effect.

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