Ayurveda - A way of life

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest medical system. We can say that Ayurveda is in fact a way of life -- sans without any synthetic medicines, only herbal medicines. The word Ayurveda is derived from two different words -- ‘Ayur’ means longevity and ‘Veda’ means knowledge; Ayurveda is a reply to the modern medical system. It is a pity that the modern allopathic system of medicine keeps in mind only external symptoms of any disease, while ignoring completely the resultant side effects. It does provide immediate relief, however in the long run it is completely ruinous for the human body. It is an idiom in English ‘Penny wise, pound foolish’. For the sake of quick results we forget what we are losing in the long run. Most of the diseases of today are the result of allopathic medicines. According  to a British journal, overdose of medicines is the third most common cause of deaths in hospitals after cancer and heart diseases. 

Ayurveda --- or the old system of Indian system can be called a reply and alternative to the allopathic system. Ayurveda is not just a medical system; it can be a way of life. Ayurvedic products can provide the human body the requisite immunity in a harmless -- nay -- in a useful manner. 

Kayasetu -- Our Endeavour to Keep You in Good Health.  

Our products are totally based on the old Indian system of medicine. We have answers to all your ailments. In the quarry of kayasetu there are many medicines at very reasonable prices and prepared in a holistic manner. All our products are approved by the Ministry of  Ayush; Government of India. 

Now the world today is in the clutches of the pandemic Covid 19. Till today the governments across the world are not able to find a cure to it. However, the best way is to increase our immunity. Our product  Ayush Kwatha helps increase the required immunity. It is also a panacea to many other viral diseases and also malaria, typhoid, etc. 

Around 500 million all across the world are suffering from diabetes. The patients suffering from diabetes are susceptible to many other diseases also. The chief among these are heart diseases, stroke and above all the deadly Covid 19.

Meh Mukti is our indigenous reply to the harmful western medicines, which are more harmful than useful. Prepared from herbs that have been preserved in our scriptures, this medicine has created miracles. Of course, we do not claim that this medicine cures diabetes completely; however we can claim that our medicine can help control the blood sugar level to a safe level. It should be kept in mind that patients with diabetes become more vulnerable to many other deadly diseases like heart diseases, obesity and above all deadly pandemic Covid 19.

Artho Safe is our product for treating joint pain, arthritis, muscle pain, fibromyalgia and ligament pain. Our product is a combination of different types of herbs. Artho Care sans any harmful chemicals is our answer to harmful synthetic modern allopathic medicines.

KAYASETU is in fact an answer to all your health related problems; in most holistic and economical way. You need not worry any of the side effects related to our products, as they are all made of herbals used by our forefathers since time immemorial.

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