Attention Parents --- Something Can Change The Lives Of Your Kids

For parents their kids are their treasure. It is very important to cherish this treasure. Healthy children can grow to healthy adults. During their life phase the children grow through basically three stages.

For parents their kids are the source of excitement and joy. There are many areas of development in every child’s life. These areas are:

Physical: These include motor skills, such as running, walking, standing and sitting. Physical activities also include using fingers and hands to clutch.
Emotional: It includes the activities that are going around the children. These reactions include laughing, anger, or any other silly action.
Mental: It includes many cognitive skills such as thinking, learning, reasoning, understanding and remembering.
Social Skills: Social skills include personal interactions and developing relationships with family, friends and teachers.

Stages of Development

Early Childhood (Birth to Eight Years):  This is the most important phase of any child. The child learns to develop a sort of emotional attachment with its surroundings during its first year. By the third year, its weight becomes four times that was during its birth.  The learning starts take place since the child starts going to school.

Middle Childhood (Eight to Twelve): By the age of eight the child is able to understand some basic concepts, including money and time.  The cognitive skills, personality, motivation and interpersonal relationships also go refinement. Growth is fairly constant until puberty.

Adolescence (Twelve to Eighteen): The child undergoes lots of changes during this stage. These are due to hormonal changes. The child is now moving towards adulthood.  There are frequent mood swings, depression and other psychological disorders.

Adolescence is in fact a very important stage in every person’s life. The child is undergoing a transition phase. Now it is no more a child; neither has it become an adult. All the development – mental as well as physical takes place during this stage.  During this phase special attention should be given on the physical as well on the mental development of the child.

For proper growth of adolescents many nutrients should be given to them besides their regular diet. Some of these nutrients are:

Ashwagandha:  It is a magical herb. It has many benefits. It can be said it is useful in all diseases. Besides this it helps reduce anxiety and stress.  It helps in the growth of children and in adults it increases virility.

Amla: It helps in weight management and also helpful for skin trouble. It is also benefit for eyesight. Obesity and eyesight are the major problems in growing children due to their sedentary lifestyle.

Kaunch Beej:  It helps in reducing stress and increasing stamina. It is helpful for both children and adults.

Gokhru:  It improves brain functions. It helps in increasing sexual drive and beneficial in increasing stamina.

Safed Musli:  It is helpful in increasing sexual drive and good for sexual wellness. It also prevents nightfall and it increases stamina.

Wheat Grain Malt: It helps in preventing childhood asthma, obesity. It also increases body metabolism.

Soyabean Malt: It is rich in protein and carbohydrate. It is very beneficial in many physiological functions.

Saunf: Saunf or fennel seeds are very helpful in balancing in all the three doshas of the body. It helps to prevent constipation, improves eyesight and purifies blood.  It is useful for the individual of every age.

Bidari (Vidari): It helps in improving digestive problems in in children. It also helps the young girls to have beautiful bust line. It is also helpful in improving genito-urinary diseases among people of all ages. 

Barley Malt:  It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and other plant compounds.  It has many health benefits including increasing digestion and reducing weight. Not only for growing children but it is also useful for growing children.

Chocolate Malt from the house of Kayasetu has all the above-mentioned ingredients in right proportion. It is useful for children of almost every category. Not only children it can be taken by adults also. It has delicious and chocolaty flavour.

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