Asthma – Don’t Think it is a Minor Nuisance

Asthma is a condition in which airways narrow down and swell. As a result they may produce extra mucus. This condition makes the breathing difficult and can cause coughing. A sort of whistling sound is produced when a person suffering from asthma breathes. Some people consider asthma a minor problem; however it should not be considered a minor problem. Asthma could be life-threatening in case medical aid is not provided in time. Asthma is an incurable disease; however its symptoms can be cured to a large extent.

Following are some natural herbs and spices which can help in controlling asthma:

Yashtimadhu: Yashtimadhu is popularly known as mulethi. It can help asthma patients feel better. A cup of yashtimadhu tea helps relieving the symptoms of asthma. It also eases breathing.

Kantakari: It is a very useful ayurvedic herb. It is beneficial for the management of respiratory diseases. Kantkari helps in releasing mucus from the respiratory passages and thus prevents asthmatic attacks.

Bharangi: Bharangi is almost useful in relieving all respiratory diseases including. Not only respiratory diseases it is beneficial in many other diseases also.

Vasaka: Vasaka is highly beneficial in reducing chest and nasal congestion. It is also highly beneficial in treating asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases.

Sunthi: It is dried ginger. It finds a special place in the treatment of bronchial asthma and cough.

Pipal: Its bark and ripe fruits are extremely in the treatment of asthma. The powder of bark and ripe fruits should be made and its two to three grams with water should be taken.

Marich: Commonly known as kali mirch is used extensively for its flavour and medicinal values. It is the world’s most traded spice. In ayurvedic medical system it has great importance. It is used to balance vata and kapha. It is very beneficial for controlling asthma.

Haridra: Haridra is popularly known as haldi (turmeric). This spice is quite effective in the treatment of asthma. It is also beneficial for the treatment of bronchi congestion.

Tulsi(Basil): It has immunomodulatory activity. It prevents the regular recurrence of asthmatic attacks. It has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus it reduces the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes.

Pushkarmool: It is an Ayurvedic herb. It is very useful for treating bronchitis, asthma and heart diseases.

Sawasari Ras: It is a well-known treatment for all respiratory related problems. It is very effective for asthma, lung blockage, bronchitis and seasonal cold and cough.

Suhaga: It helps in controlling asthma. It helps in stopping production of mucus and chest congestion.

Asthma Care from the house of KayaSetu comprises all these natural and herbal products. It does not have any chemicals. Therefore, it does not have any resultant side effects. This medicine reduces the exposure to allergy and helps control the sensitivity and spasticity of lungs in a natural way.

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