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From the Treasury of Granny – 12

Pregnancy is a dream of almost every married woman. However, it must be kept in mind that pregnancy is never easy. Would be mothers experience many changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Pregnancy is never same for every woman. For some it is a tougher journey than the others. Even than for almost every woman, pregnancy is magical.

Our old grannies have suggested many ways or home remedies for common and minor problems among pregnant women.


This problem affects several women during 6th to 8th week. Nausea and vomiting early in the morning are common in it. This problem arises due to pitta imbalance among women.   It can be quite unpleasant but there is nothing to worry about it. Following home remedies can help manage it well.

- Ginger: A teaspoon of ginger juice may help reduce uneasiness due to morning sickness. It has stimulating properties that can ease tummy.

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- Mint : Chewing of mint leaves help reduce the feeling of nausea. It’s refreshing taste is cooling and refreshing. However, in case of heartburn (a common problem in pregnancy) this should be avoided.

- Lemon Juice: Fresh lime juice with a little salt="image not found" and sugar can help during morning sickness. Ginger juice can also be added to it. It gives instant relief.

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- Coconut water: Coconut water is quite rich in vitamins and minerals and help counter the morning sickness. One teaspoon of lemon juice can be helpful to settle the tummy.

- Rosewater and Milk: A glass of milk with a few drops of rosewater can be quite effective to deal with morning sickness. However, as a preventive measure adding some ghee to it and taking a cup of this rose milk pacifies pitta dosha and control morning sickness.

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- Apple Cider Vinegar: A teaspoon of apple vinegar mixed in a glass of water and drinking in the morning helps a lot controlling the morning sickness.

Acidity is another problem during  pregnancy. Following home remedies can help fight acidity.

- Avoid fatty, spicy and deep-fried food: These kinds of foods increase acidity and aggravate pitta. Thus, they should be avoided at any cost.

- Avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks and chocolate: These foods also increase acidity.

- Eat less: Heavy meals should be avoided rather having  smaller meals frequently are beneficial.

- Don’t lie down immediately after having meal: It is advisable to lie down only after an hour after meal. In this way, the food will be digested. In this way, it will help preventing acidity.

- Take a lot of water: Water dissolves the acid. Thus it is very beneficial during acidity.

- Yoghurt: A spoonful of yoghurt during every meal helps a lot in relieving the pregnant from acidity.

- Mixture of water and baking soda: Mixture of water and baking soda and drinking it give a lot in acidity.

Heartburn is another problem during pregnancy.  Following remedies can be quite helpful in it:

- Ginger: Eating fresh raw ginger is quite beneficial.

- Apple cider Vinegar: 1 teaspoon of vinegar with 250 millimetres of water can be very beneficial.

- Lemons : Two or three lemons squeezed in 250 millimetres of water help remove the discomfort.

    Pregnancy is not a disease or ailment. In fact, it is a beautiful feeling that every woman wants to have. No doubt, certain problems arise during the pregnancy. Nevertheless, these problems are not quite common and be avoided with simple home remedies.