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 From the Treasury of Our Granny – 10

 Pancreas is a small organ. It is often ignored until something goes wrong with it. Though it is small, yet it is very important for digestion and regulation of blood sugar. It is responsible for the secretion of digestive enzymes that help us process and absorb nutrients. Pancreas secretes hormones that control blood sugar level. It is important to keep it in good healt="image not found"h. Unhealt="image not found"hy food causes stress on it and as a result hormonal imbalance occurs. This imbalance may lead to diabetes. Not only diabetes but many other diseases can also occur due to malfunctioning of pancreas.

However there are home remedies and ingredients found in the cabinets of kitchen which we can use to keep our pancreas in good healt="image not found"h.

We can keep our pancreas in good healt="image not found"h by using the following food items:

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Lemons: Citrus fruits like lemons promote the vital enzymes of pancreas. Lemon tea is very beneficial for the pancreas.

Garlic: Garlic is useful in almost all remedies. It has many medicinal qualities. Two or three crushed cloves can be very helpful for pancreas. Also garlic can be added in your food. Garlic tea is a best drink to keep pancreas in good healt="image not found"h.

Peanut Butter: A handful of peanuts or a tablespoon of peanut butter is slows down the process of digestion, thus reducing the absorption.

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Drink a lot of Water: At least 3-4 litres water should be drunk to keep the pancreas clean and function properly. In fact, drinking water is good not only for the pancreas but also almost for all the organs of the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider vinegar increases insulin sensitivity. Thus it reduces blood sugar level and is very good for pancreas.

Some other ways to keep Pancreas Healt="image not found"hy

The pancreas can be kept healt="image not found"hy by adopting some other ways, as –

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Use stairs: Stairs should be used in place of elevator as far as possible. It helps in burning calories.

Avoid sugar and sugary drinks: Sugar and sugary drinks should be avoided as far as possible.

Get sufficient sleep: Lack of sleep increases danger of infections, diabetes and heart diseases. Thus a good sleep is essential for healt="image not found"hy pancreas.

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Do Physical Exercise: Physical exercises move sugar into the muscles and in this way increase insulin sensitivity.

Lead a stress less life: Stress affects body’s ability to regulate blood sugar. It increases blood sugar level. Thus for healt="image not found"hy pancreas we should lead a stress less life.

Reduce Weight: Excess of weight reduces insulin sensitivity. Thus weight loss may help increase insulin sensitivity and is linked to a lower risk of diabetes.

    Conclusion: Insulin is an important hormone that has many roles in the body. When insulin sensitivity is low, it puts pressure on the pancreas leading to the increased production of it to clear sugar from the blood. Low insulin sensitivity may also lead to increased risk of blood pressure and heart diseases. Thus it is important to lead a healt="image not found"hy lifestyle to keep our pancreas healt="image not found"hy.