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From the Treasury of Granny – 13

Caesarean delivery has become more popular than normal delivery these days. But it can prove risky for both the mother and the child. However, even then more and more women, irrespective of having low-risk pregnancy, are opting for it.  There are many reasons for that; the women want to avoid pain and anxiety during the labor.  However, there are women who do not want to deliver using this method. They try to have a normal delivery in every way possible because recovery after a caesarean delivery takes a long time and could also pose complications in the future. In some cases the caesarean delivery becomes essential.  However, in some cases the caesarean can’t be avoided, as—

  • When there are twins in the womb.
  • When there are problems like diabetes, hypertension.
  • When the baby is very large.
  • When the baby is not in a head-down position.

However, it is possible to avoid unnecessary cesarean deliveries.  Our previous generations hardly ever need caesarean deliveries.  The reason is the household works that women used to do without any.  The women used to do all the work, like washing clothes --- without any washing machine. They would do all mopping, brooming by themselves.  These household works would keep them physically fit and help them in normal delivery.

During olden days the deliveries would mostly happen at home, thus preventing from all sort of caesarian operations.  However, it cannot be ruled out that during those days the mortality rate of mother and child was quite high.

Yoga Asana for Normal Delivery

Following yoga asana strengthen pelvic muscles and  thus increasing space in the womb. In this way these asana increases chances of normal delivery.

Vakrasna (Twisted pose)

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    This asana provides gentle massage to abdominal organs. It is also beneficial for spine, legs, hands and neck.

    How to perform it?

    • Sit erect with feet in parallel position.
    • Raise your arms at shoulder level, while inhaling. The palms should be faced down.
    • Twist body while exhaling and the body should twisted right while moving head and heads simultaneously. Do not bend the knees.
    • Inhale and come to the original position.
    • Repeat on the parallel side.

    Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

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      This asana strengthens thigh and pelvic muscles.

      How to perform it?

      • One should stand erect with feet 12 inches apart. The feet should be kept parallel.
      • Inhale and raise heels and arms at shoulder level. Palms should be facing down simultaneously.
      • Exhale slowly and sit squat.
      • Keep hands in the same position; get up slowly on your toes while inhaling.
      • Again perform the same procedure.

      Konasana (Angle Pose)

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        This asana makes the muscles of the waist flexible; thus keeping the fat under control.

        How to perform it?

        • Stand erect; this asana can also be done with the support of wall.
        • While inhaling raise the right hand and give upward stretch; bend sideways towards left. Exhale and come back and put the hand down.
        • Repeat the same procedure with the other side.

        Paryankasana (Ham’s pose with one leg)

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          This asana gives strength to abdominal pelvic and thigh muscles.

          How to perform it?

          • Lie down the back. Straighten legs and keep the knees together.
          • Fold the right leg in the knee at the posterior. Breathe normally. Remain in this position as long as comfortable.
          • Repeat the same with the left leg.

          Hast Padangusthasana (Extended hand to big toe pose)

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            This asana strengthens pelvic and thigh muscles.

            How to perform it?

            • Lie down on the back and straighten legs.
            • Keep hands in T-position, while the palms should be facing down.
            • Slight right leg towards right. Try to hold the toe with the right hand.
            • Repeat the same with the left leg.

            Yoga has many benefits during pregnancy. It not only keeps the would-be-mother healt="image not found"hy through pregnancy but is also beneficial during labor. However, medical advice must be taken before practicing yoga.

            Not only yoga or exercises but many other ways facilitates the normal delivery. These include that the would-be mother should not remain stressful. She should take nutritious food. And above all the pregnancy should not be treated an ailment. It is a beautiful feeling, when a new life is brought to the earth.