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From the Treasury of Granny -- 8

The liver is an extremely important organ. It removes toxins and also excretes enzymes.  Not only this it also performs many other important functions, as:

  • It produces essential proteins and cholesterol.
  • It stores vitamins, iron and proteins.
  • It helps destroying old red blood corpuscles.

Unhealt="image not found"hy eating habits, consumption of too much of alcohol, eating sugary food, etc. makes liver overloaded and overworked. 

Symptoms of Unhealt="image not found"hy Liver

Following are some of the symptoms that show that the liver is not healt="image not found"hy:

  • Frequent allergies
  • Malnutrition
  • Poor appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular digestion
  • Skin discoloration
  • Acid reflux
  • Heartburns

How can Liver Be Detoxified

Following are some of the foods and ways which help us detoxify our liver:

Cut down Junk Foods: Junk foods damage liver to a large extent. Thus very healt="image not found"hy liver one should have healt="image not found"hy food ---- healt="image not found"hy grains and fats.

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Turmeric is found in every household. It has medicinal values. It is also helps in detoxification of liver. Half teaspoon of turmeric with a bit of pepper in boiled water is excellent for liver.

Take less sugar: Not more than 25 grams of sugar be taken for a healt="image not found"hy liver.

Avoid processed foods and alcohol: Processed foods and alcohol are very harmful for liver. These should be avoided for a healt="image not found"hy liver.

Lemon with Lukewarm Water: In a glass of lukewarm add a juice of half a lemon. Normally 5-10 glass of water should be taken for healt="image not found"hy liver.

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Leafy Vegetables:
Leafy vegetables contain detoxifying compounds. They are very useful to keep our liver in good healt="image not found"h.

Garlic : Garlic is useful for almost every ailment. It also plays a great role in detoxifying liver.

Coffee: Drinking coffee, though not much can help a lot in the detoxification of liver. It prevents the building up of fat and keep the liver healt="image not found"hy.

Amla: Amla helps in keeping the liver functioning at its optimal level. In Ayurveda amla is useful in many medicines and treatment of many diseases.

Fibrerich Foods: Fibre rich foods like apple, carrots, cauliflower, and beetroots helps in elimination of toxins in the body. They also provide support to the digestive tract.

Exercise Regularly: Regular exercise improves all round development of the body.

Walnuts: Walnuts are a good source of amino acids that are helpful in cleaning the liver.

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Conclusion:  We must remember that liver is the only organ in the body that cleanses itself.  Whatever, we eat is detoxified by our lever. Therefore, we must not eat anything that exerts our liver. Healt="image not found"hy food, regular exercise and abstain from alcoholic drinks are the most important factors that help us keep the liver in a healt="image not found"hy state.