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From the Treasury of Granny -- 23

Impotency in men occurs when he is unable to achieve an erection, maintain it or ejaculate on a consistent basis.  There are many reasons that can lead to this condition. Some of these reasons can be listed below:

1. Diabetes: One of the effects of diabetes is that it damages nerve. As a result the sensation in penis is reduced; leading to erectile dysfunction.

2. Neurological Disorders: Many neurological disorders can affect the brain’s ability to communicate with the reproductive system. This can prevent from achieving erection. These diseases are: Alzheimer’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease
Brain or Spinal Tumours

3. Long Distance Cycling: Long distance cycling can cause temporary erectile dysfunction. It is due to repeated pressure on buttocks and genitals.

Ayurvedic Super Foods to Ease Anxiety
4. Cardiac Problems: When the heart is not able to pump blood well, it can cause impotence. Without enough blood flow in the genitals one can’t achieve full erection. High cholesterol and hypertension are also associated with the increased risk of impotence.

5. Lifestyle Factors and Emotional Disorders: Many lifestyle factors and emotional disorders are responsible for erectile dysfunction. Depression and anxiety are associated with increased risk for impotence.

Home Remedies and Physical Exercises to help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Food Items:

1. Garlic: Garlic has many health benefits. It reduces inflammation and lowers blood pressure. In this way, garlic is quite helpful in blood circulation. It is beneficial in many ailments blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. It is benefits to reduce erectile dysfunction can’t be gainsaid.

2. Dark Chocolate: It is considered one of the best aphrodisiac foods. It helps a lot in erectile dysfunction.

3. Onion: Onion helps to have longer and stronger erection. It increases blood circulation and is beneficial for heart patients also.  

4. Saffron: Saffron is a very expensive spice. It is known for its skin lightening properties. It also makes body sensitive to touch and feelings. It helps a lot in increasing sexual wellness. It can be taken with hot milk before going to bed.

5. Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits have vitamin C.  They increase nitric oxide and relax arteries. This improves blood circulation and helps in erection.

Ayurvedic Super Foods to Ease Anxiety
6. Chilies: Chilies have an alkaloid – capscain. It increases blood circulation. In this way chilies increase blood circulation in the genital area.

7. Watermelon: Watermelon has lots of health benefits including sexual wellness.

8. Pomegranates: The pomegranate fruit is considered to be a natural Viagra.

9. Banana: Banana has a lot of potassium. It is considered as a super food. It is beneficial in many diseases. It improves circulation and helps in erection.  

Other Ways

1. Aerobic Exercise: Aerobic exercises increase blood circulation and thus reduce the chance of erectile dysfunction.

2. Counseling: It is seen that cause of erectile dysfunction is mostly psychological. Seeking a professional psychologist help can be beneficial in this.

3. Quitting Smoking: Using tobacco can lead to many serious diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Smoking is also responsible for erectile dysfunction. Quitting smoking can also reduce erectile dysfunction.

4. Losing Weight: A person who is overweight and obese is more vulnerable to erectile dysfunction. Eating a healthy diet and getting enough physical activity can help in keeping the weight under control.

Ayurvedic Super Foods to Ease Anxiety
5. Reducing Stress: Stress can lead to erectile dysfunction. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercise can help in controlling erectile dysfunction.

Conclusion: Erectile dysfunction is not a problem that can’t be managed without any medical help. However, erectile dysfunctions due to some serious ailments definitely need medical help. This problem arises due to unhealthy life style, stress and lack of sleep.  By leading healthy and disciplined life this problem can be automatically solved.