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From the Treasury of Granny – 27

Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain. It is characterized by repeated seizures. A seizure is sudden change of behaviour and this change occurs due to a temporary change in the electrical functioning of the brain. The brain generates tiny electrical impulses in an orderly pattern. However, due to some problem when this order is disrupted it affects the functioning of the brain.

Epilepsy can be diagnosed with the person having at least two seizures that are not caused to any medical reason, drug withdrawal, diabetes and low blood pressure. 

Types of Seizures

Seizures belong to basically two categories: primary generalized seizures and partial seizures. Primary seizure is quite severe and it involves the entire brain. The partial seizure occurs in a part of the brain thus it affects the limited part of the brain.  Partial seizures may be due to the head injury, stroke or tumour. However, the reason is unknown most of the times. It is generally seen that most of the times consciousness is impaired when there is a seizure.

Factors that may lead to a Seizure

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Insufficient Food Intake
  • Alcohol and Drugs

This disease may happen to a person of any age. In children it generally occurs under the age of 15 and in case of elderly people it might happen due to many factors However, in elderly people the reasons may be stroke, Alzheimer’s disease or brain tumour. 

Home Remedies for Epilepsy

Seizures can be kept in control with the help of following measures:

Garlic: Garlic is known for its help in many diseases. It has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is helpful in the smooth functioning of the nervous system. It is helpful in preventing seizures and other symptoms related to epilepsy.Boil ½ cup of milk and add ½ of water to it. Add 3-4 pieces of garlic to it. This milk is very useful for neurological health.

Ayurvedic Super Foods to Ease Anxiety
Basil (Tulsi): Basil has many useful properties. it can be very helpful in stimulating brain. It can be very helpful in reducing epileptic fits. Leaves of basil can be chewed or its juice can be drunk.

Ash gourd (Petha): It is another effective remedy for epilepsy. Its juice is very effective in epilepsy. Ash gourd has many medicinal properties.

Grape Juice: It has high contents of flavonoids. It is very effective in preventing epilepsy symptoms. It boosts immune system and relaxes the nerves of the brain.

Coconut Oil: It has fatty acid which is curative for brain cells. Coconut oil increases the supply of energy to the brain cells. This energy helps in relief from epilepsy. A teaspoon of virgin coconut oil should be taken. It can also be used as a dressing on the salad or can be used for cooking.

Foods rich in Magnesium: Magnesium rich foods like almonds, cashew nuts and spinach can be very beneficial in epilepsy. According to a research deficiency of magnesium in a person’s body can trigger symptoms of epilepsy.

Limes: Limes help ease the symptoms of epilepsy. It enhances the circulation of blood to the brain. Drinking a glass of lime juice with ½ tea spoon of milk early morning can do wonders.

Ayurvedic Super Foods to Ease Anxiety
Foods to be Avoided

  • Fast foods
  • Certain fruits and vegetables like mangoes, banana, dates, mashed potatoes should be avoided.

Epilepsy can be very dangerous, since one can never know when the seizure will happen. The person can be on the road, driving or working in the kitchen when he/she may have seizure. In this case the seizure can become fatal. Epilepsy can be treated by a trained physician only. The above mentioned foods can only help in reducing the seizures. These should not be considered as a substitute for the medicine.