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From the Treasury of Our Granny – 7

Dandruff has become a common problem these days. Dandruff is a problem that is caused due to fungal infection. As a result the scalp got damaged and it causes severe dryness. It is due to poor hair brushing, stress and dry skin. Now we have come to know about the primary causes of dandruff. There are many shampoos available in the market that claim to cure dandruff completely. However, all these shampoos contain harmful chemicals which eventually lead to many other problems like early grey hair and baldness. Since time immemorial our grannies are using many home remedies to control dandruff. These remedies have proved very useful since they not only control dandruff but also prevent hair loss. Following are some of the ways to control dandruff:

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Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar could be very effective in controlling dandruff. Mix it with water and then massage it on your hair. After that rinse your hair.

Mehndi: Mehndi is a proven remedy for curing all types of hair problems; including dandruff.

Coconut oil with lemon: Coconut oil is said to keep hair nourished. Mix a few drops of lemon juice in it. This mixture can prove an excellent remedy for curing dandruff.

Fenugreek (methi) seeds: Fenugreek seeds should be soaked in water overnight and then mash them and make them into a paste. This paste should be applied on hair. This paste is a very good remedy for curing dandruff.

Curd: Washing hair with curd can also help in preventing dandruff.

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Neem Juice: Neem is a very good cure for dandruff. Some leaves of neem should be crushed and a thick paste should be made. Apply it on the scalp and let it dry for ten minutes. Then hair should be washed.

Orange peel: Orange peel is said to act as a very good remedy for dandruff. The orange peels should be grinded in the grinder for 30 minutes. Then some lemon juice should be mixed in it. This paste should be applied on the scalp for a few minutes then it should be washed away.

Vinegar: Vinegar is said to have anti-fungal properties. It also helps in treating various skin related problems like acne and itchiness in the scalp.

Egg Yolk: Egg yolk acts as a good conditioner for hair. It also acts as a good treatment for dandruff.

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Conclusion: Dandruff is considered a slur on one’s personality. Though it doesn’t immediately lead to hair loss, yet constantly scratching scalp can damage hair follicles and in the long run lead to hair loss. Therefore, we should keep our hair healt="image not found"hy and it is not difficult at all. We can keep our hair  healt="image not found"hy with the common ingredients found in our household.