Honey – A Sweet Cure to All Health Problems

Honey is a sweet and natural product that has been widely to cure many health problems. It has 200 substances. It is composed mainly of fructose and glucose. It has many amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. However, two varieties of honey may have different composition, since its composition depends on the plants on which the bees feed.  For centuries it has been used in many traditional medicines. In Ayurveda honey has been used as a medicine for the last 4000 years. Not only in India but honey ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans used honey as a medicine for many diseases.

Honey has many antibacterial properties which are useful for curing many diseases. Honey can be of two types --- i. Raw honey or pure honey ii. Pasteurised honey. Most of the honey available in market is the Pasteurised honey. It is heated and some other substances are mixed into it. However, raw or pure honey is more beneficial than the pasteurised honey. 

Medicinal Value of Honey

A Good Source of Antioxidants: Since honey is made up of many plants, it has lots of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent our body against the damage of cell due to free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for many heart diseases and cancer.

Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties: It has been found that raw honey can kill many bacteria and fungus. Thus it is helpful in curing diseases caused by bacteria and fungus. But it must be kept in mind that the properties of honey depend on the type of plant from which it is obtained.

Helps in Healing Wounds: Honey has been found to have effectiveness in healing wounds more speedily. It helps in reducing infection.

Boosts Immunity: There are phytonutrients present in honey. These phytonutrients are helpful for preventing body against many diseases. They are excellent immunity booster. However, processing of honey kills these phytonutrients.

Helps in Digestion: Honey is believed to be beneficial in digestion. It is also helpful in curing many types of stomach ulcers. It is good for intestines.

Helps in Treating Soothe Throat: Honey is said to be a good remedy against sore throat. It works as a suppressant of sore throat. Honey mixed in a lemon tea is an excellent cure against cold.

Effective against Acidity: It has been found that honey can reduce the upward flow of stomach acid and also undigested food. It is also found to be quite effective against many diseases like gastroesophageal reflux disease, inflammation, acid reflux and heartburn.

Effective against Diabetes: Honey is quite effective against type I and type II diabetes. It helps in lowering down the sugar level in the blood to an optimal level. It is also helpful in lowering down of blood lipids, homocysteine levels and C-reactive proteins.

Good Alternative of Sugar: Its sweet flavour is good substitute for sugar in the diet. Since sugar has excessive calories without any nutritional value, honey can be a good substitute for the sugar. Excessive sugar may cause obesity and high risk of hypertension and diabetes.

Beneficial in Cardiovascular Diseases: There are many antioxidants present in honey including Vitamin C, monophenolics, flavonoids and polyphenolics, etc. These antioxidants are very effective in the treatment for cardiovascular diseases. These antioxidants reduce the chances of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

Reduces Stress: The antioxidants present in honey are very beneficial for reducing stress. In this way honey is an excellent remedy for mental and neurological diseases.

Thus it can be said that honey is a sweet remedy against many diseases. But its overuse can prove more harmful than useful. Moreover, it should be bought from some authentic outlet. Only then it can be beneficial. Any adulteration in honey can prove more harmful than useful.

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