Garlic – A Pharmacy in Itself

Garlic is one of the most commonly found vegetables in almost all kitchens.  It is known for its aroma and it enhances the taste of the cooked food. However, its use as a remedy for many ailments is proven since time immemorial. It is perhaps the best vegetable known to mankind for its medicinal qualities. It has anti-fungal ,  anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral qualities. Garlic belongs to the family of onion. Its bulbs are known as cloves. Each tiny clove is in fact a big pharmacy in itself.

Benefits of Garlic in Terms of Health and Wellness

1. The Best Blood Purifier: Garlic is an excellent blood purifier. It helps in reducing pimples on the skin by purifying blood. Two cloves of garlic taken with warm water in the morning can do miracles.

2. Reduces Weight: Two cloves of garlic in warm water with lime juice mixed in it can help in reducing extra weight.

3. Cold and Flu: Garlic is very effective in cold and flu. Even in case of chronic cases, the use of garlic is found to be very effective. Taking 2-3 cloves of raw or cooked garlic a day or sipping garlic tea relieves stuffed nose and is also helpful in curing flu and cold. Not only this, it also helps in boosting immunity. It can be added to hot soups, stews, broths, etc. This gives relief in sinusitis, cold and flu.

4. Prevention of Heart Diseases: Eating raw garlic every day, whether raw or in food, helps lowering the cholesterol level. Garlic has properties of Allicin – which is anti-oxidant. Garlic is also highly beneficial in controlling blood pressure.  

5. Prevention of Cancer: Garlic helps in protecting us from stomach and colorectal cancers. It strengthens immunity of the body against cancer.

6. Anti-bacterial and Anti-parasitic: Since time immemorial garlic has been known for its anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties. It is quite effective in children against tapeworm infections. A very small quantity of garlic used as a mouthwash can be very effective against cavity-causing bacteria.

7. Beneficial for Skin and Hair: Garlic is very beneficial for skin problems like eczema, fungal infections, athlete foot, etc. Rubbing garlic over skin delays aging. Use of garlic is also very beneficial in hair loss and early greying of hair. Garlic mixed with oil should be rubbed on the scalp is very beneficial for hair.

8. Reduces Risks of Lung Cancer, Brain Cancer and Prostrate Cancer: Compounds present in garlic reduce the risk of lung cancer, brain and prostate cancer to a considerable extent.

9. Hip Osteoarthritis: It has been found that women whose diet is rich in garlic are less prone to hip osteoarthritis.

10. Alcohol- induced Liver Injury: It is caused due to the over-consumption of alcohol for the long-term of alcohol. Use of garlic is very beneficial in reducing the complications arising due to this ailment.

11. Preterm Delivery: Due to infections the risk of premature delivery in women increases. Studies show that consumption of garlic reduces the risk of premature delivery.

Garlic is a very useful vegetable. It is commonly found in every kitchen. Though it is widely used for flavouring in food, yet its medicinal properties can’t be gainsaid.  From common cold to deadly diseases like heart and cancer the consumption of garlic has been found beneficial. Its consumption is said to improve digestion, enhance immunity and also helps in controlling weight.

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