Brahmi – A Herb Derived from the Name of Deity Brahma

The name Brahmi is derived from Lord Brahma. According to Hindu scriptures Brahma is said to be the creator of this world. Lord Brahma is also a deity of knowledge and wisdom. Similarly, Brahmi is said to enhance memory and boost brain functions.

This plant is found in the wetlands of southern and eastern India, and in various places around the world namely Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia, North America and South America. Thus we can say that this plant is found almost everywhere in the world.  It is also called Bacopa monnerie, water hyssop, thyme-leaved gratiola and herb of grace. It is a staple plant in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Brahmi is considered as a very potent medicine in our ancient Ayurvedic system.  It has a class of powerful compounds called bacosides in it, which is believed to help responsible for improve the functions of brain and many other benefits.

Dosage of Brahmi

Brahmi should be used as per the prescription of the expert physician. However, we can suggest some general dosage and how to use it. 

  • Brahmi Juice - 1-2 teaspoons or as recommended by the physician.
  • Brahmi Oil - ½-1 teaspoon or as recommended by the physician.
  • Brahmi Paste - ½-1 teaspoon or as recommended by the physician.
  • Brahmi Powder - ½-1 teaspoon or as recommended by the physician.
  • Besides this Brahmi paste can used mixed with rose water or plain water.

Health Benefits of Brahmi

Contains Powerful Antioxidants: Antioxidants protect the body against cell damage. Brahmi has these antioxidants. They protect the body against many neurological disorders like Alzeimer’s disease and Parkison’s disease.

Beneficial for Liver: Brahmi helps in detoxification of liver. It helps in aiding the liver for converting toxins to harmless waste products. It helps in working the liver properly.

It Enhances Memory: In recent studies it has been found that Brahmi benefits the performance of brain. It reduces the effects of blurry eyesight and improves eyesight. It also increases the power of retention.

It helps in dealing with Hair related Problems: Brahmi is helpful for solving many hair-related problems. It has in it bio-chemical compounds that act as anti-oxidants. The massage of hot Brahmi oil is very beneficial for many problems of hair.

It is Beneficial in Dealing with Opioid Addiction: Pain killers are effective in subduing pain. However, they are not without any side-effect. These pain killers may make the person addict to them. However, Brahmi is rich in bacosides that deal with it. It acts as a cushion around the organs from their damage due to the overuse of painkillers.

It helps in Dealing with Inflammation: It reduces the inflammation of the brain which is caused due to the autoimmune system of the body. It helps in reducing redness, swelling and itchiness in various parts of the body.

Flushes out Toxins from the Body: Brahmi is very beneficial in protecting the brain from the toxins like aluminium, morphine and cigarette smoking. It also protects against oxidative stress.

Helps in Reducing Stress: The main cause of stress is overabundance of the cortisol hormone. Brahmi is very effective against reducing the effect of the cortisol hormone. It improves mood.

It is very good in dealing with Mental Health: Brahmi is helpful in curing mental health. It increases mental alertness, reduces depression and facilitates the proper functioning of the brain.

Very Beneficial in the Treatment of Epilepsy: As discussed earlier Brahmi is very beneficial in the treatment of many neurological functions, thus it is also very beneficial in the treatment of epilepsy. It helps in healing of damage of neurons and thus slowing down of neuro-degeneration. It also boosts up the neuro-transmission within the brain cells.

Helps in the Treatment of Insomnia: Nowadays, due to the hectic lifestyle people are suffering from many sleeping disorders. This results in many problems like depression, anxiety, stress and tiredness. Massaging of hot Brahmi oil on the scalp can help in reducing all these problems as well as insomnia.

Provides Relief from Arthritis: Brahmi has anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating the problems of arthritis and gout. Brahmi is very useful for treating gastric ulcers and treating irritable bowel syndrome.

In fact Brahmi is a very useful plant. It has been used by our elders since time immemorial. It is very good not only for its medicinal properties but it can be used as a beauty product also.  In Hindu mythology Lord Brahma is said to be the god of wisdom and generation.  The name Brahmi is derived from Brahma, since its common benefits increase mental health.

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