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By: Kayasetu .com on 27-Feb-2021 image not found https:

We have already read about satva and rajas. Now we here know about the third guna or attribute – tamas.

From best to worst there have been three gunas:

Many of us are of the opinion that Tamas Guna is entirely negative. No doubt, it is a negative quality, but a right proportion of it is essential for us. Tamas name comes from Sanskrit which means darkness, illusion and ignorance.  It is the quality in the universe that represents inertia, laziness, mental dullness and greed. People who have this quality or guna in predominance are generally procrastinators and sleep too much. It is difficult for such people to reach a higher level of consciousness.

People with tamasic qualities crave for too much of sex; indulge in alcohol and drugs ; indulge in violent very soon. No wonder in our old scriptures the demons are considered of tamasic quality.

Is Tamas Really a Bad Attribute or Guna?

Sattva guna is all about goodness; while tamas is considered destructive. However the moot question that popes up into our mind is ---- Is Tamas Really a Bad Attribute? As too much of Sattva and  Rajas are not good, so is that with tamas. We do need tamas also. We have mentioned in our earlier blogs that like doshas gunas  should also be in the right proportion.  We need tamas to help us rest and sleep, though too much of it causes lethargy. Tamas is one of the energies of the cosmos. It is the energy of darkness and materiality. People who indulge in hard labour need to have a good proportion of tamasic attributes in them.  

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How to Balance Tamas?

Yogic activities, meditations help a lot to reduce too much of Tamas.  Non vegetarian and processed food should be avoided as far as possible. It will help reduce too much of Tamas in our body

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Too much of any of the gunas is harmful for us. We need to have a right proportion of each of the gunas. However, it is difficult to find people with satav dominance, in the modern times. The need of the hour is to attain the right proportion of these gunas as far as possible.