Rajas -- Passionate and Energetic

We already have studied about three gunas in Ayurveda. These are:

  1.   Satva – It refers to goodness and harmony.
  2.   Rajas – It refers to passion and activity.
  3.   Tamas – It refers to darkness, chaotic and destructive.

Here we shall know about Rajas. Now let us know what Rajas means. It is one of the qualities of one of the three gunas, or qualities of nature. According to our old scriptures all these basic gunas are present in every individual. They are in union and attached to and dependent upon each other.

Rajas means passion. Therefore, the rajas guna is attached with energy and ambition. A person with rajas guna displays such qualities. Balanced food and yogic kriyas help maintain the balance between these gunas. We have mentioned in our earlier posts that our food is made up of five elements -- fire, earth, sky or space, water and air. Like three doshas these gunas are also based on one or the other of predominance of one or the other element. 

People with high levels of heat energy are rajasic people. Such people are energetic, passionate and enthusiastic. Not only the  people but also the foods can be classified according to the  three gunas. Now in this blog we shall read about the foods associated with rajas guna. Rajas foods are sour, bitter and hot. In this way they are in line with the rajasic qualities. 

Effect of rajas guna on mind

We have already told you that rajasic people are energetic and passionate. Now we shall tell you some of the negative traits of rajasic people. Rajasic people remain always restive and restless. They remain fearful, anxious and agitated. When tamas is more than satva, the person becomes egoistic, jealous and selfish. They always crave for power but in a negative way. Such people are materialistic and they are stubborn. They always think that what they do or say is right. 

What to leads to excess of Raja

Over exercising and over-exciting oneself leads to increase in Rajas. Too much of thinking, talking and exposure to violent scenes also increase Rajas. However we must keep in mind that we cannot live without Rajas guna. No doubt , Rajas is not an ideal quality, yet it is a very important quality. All non-spiritual activities come under rajasic qualities such as politics, business, economy, and so on. 


Every person has all the three qunas in him. It is only the quantity that differs in an individual. All gunas are essential for us. The right balance of all these gunas is the chief attribute in every individual. 

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