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Many diseases like diabetes, heart problems and mental tension are becoming epidemic in developed, developing as well as undeveloped countries. Though the government is spending lots of money to stop the spread of these diseases, yet the results are not so encouraging. Many researchers find that the possible reason for most of the diseases is the lack of balanced diet. According to Charak Samhita – Food is life. When it is eaten in a proper manner, it increases age and youth. Improper consumption of food gives birth to poisonous stuff and in the end the death of the person.

According to Ayurveda, the root cause of all diseases is improper food and lifestyle. If we want to remain healthy, we need to know all the Ayurvedic delicacies and lifestyle. One should eat according to the doshas prominent in them. And when one is suffering from any ailment they are required to follow a special diet plan.

However, there are certain food items that should be avoided by everyone. These items are caffeine, wine, chocolate, fast foods, etc. In Ayurvedic treatment system about 50% ailments can be treated with the help of Ayurvedic food and lifestyle.

Due to the hectic life patterns many people feel tired at the end of the day or the weekend. To get more energy they would take energy drinks, alcohol, chocolate or snacks with high sugar content. However, these food products prove more harmful than useful because they just incite our systems, not make them strong or give them rest.

According to Ayurveda, the kitchen is a pharmacy in itself. For example, mulethi is a commonly found spice in every Indian kitchen. It is beneficial for intestines, kidney problems, in constipation and making the liver strong. It is highly helpful in treating many respiratory disorders like bronchitis and pain in the throat, etc.

There are hundreds of delicious Ayurvedic delicacies that have wonderful healing qualities. Modern medicines are not free from side effects; however it is very easy to use Ayurvedic delicacies. Ayurvedic food not only helps treating our body but it helps our mind also. During eating our life energy or prana and due to its minor effects the digestive elements present in the food get absorbed in the body.

The way of preparing food also impacts the qualities of food. Food has an important role in the person’s physical, mental and spiritual development. Food has both in it preventive as well as curative qualities. Food helps in constructing new cells and protects our skin. Ayurvedic diet is based on six different tastes or rasas – sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. The Ayurvedic diet is normally sattvic, it means such diet gives mental peace.

Delicacies made of bitter gourd and fenugreek leaves help in controlling diabetes. Cooking rice with milk helps in cancer, stress and many other diseases. Similarly tea made up of bark of Arjun tree helps in bringing down the cholesterol level.

People suffering from diabetes, heart diseases and mental stress and other chronic diseases should adopt Ayurvedic foods. These foods are not only tasty but they have curative properties also.