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Elements of fire and water cause Pitta dosha. Fire is predominant in it. The characteristics of fire and water are hot, light, sharp, oily and flowing. Pitta-dominant individuals are of medium physique, athletic build it that makes the body sustain muscle tone. Such people are born leaders, they generally communicate directly. They tend to gain weight easily and also lose it as easily. Such people value organization and they believe in completion of tasks. They are compassionate. When pitta is balanced such people turn to be good leaders and they inspire others to complete their tasks.

Imbalance in pitta causes hypertension and heated emotions. There is a tendency for hyperacidity, ulcers and inflammation in the body. However, excess of pitta in mind leads to impatience, irritability, jealousy and anger. Their skin is composed of fire and water elements; when the pitta is balanced their skin is rosy and of dewy glow. The skin is delicate, naturally warm and can have freckles. 

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The person with pitta-dominance should drink lemon in the morning. Yoga and meditation should be part of their life. Taking baths in the moonlight with oils of peppermint, lavender and geranium can do wonders. Since they cool and soothe the nervous system. 

Pitta-dominant persons need to take care of their skin. They should avoid spicy and oily food. They should avoid caffeine, spicy, fried and oily foods. 

The appearance of Pitta–dominant Persons
Pitta dominant Persons have almond-shaped eyes. Their body is little and hair is soft. The hair tends to grey early; they have flexible and stable joints. They have symmetry in hips and shoulders.  

Dietary tips to support pitta balance
To balance pitta a person should consume foods having sweet, bitter and astringent tastes.

Ayurvedic Super Foods to Ease Anxiety

In Ayurveda these tastes are considered to be medicine for cooling, drying, and calming excess pitta. For healthy digestion, all the six tastes --- sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent are recommended. Fruits such as grapes, plums, apples, coconut, cherries, and melons are ideal to balance pitta. Dairy. Milk, butter and ghee are good for pacifying Pitta. Reduce yogurt, cheese, sour cream and cultured buttermilk (their sour tastes aggravate Pitta). All sweeteners are good except honey and molasses. Oils such as olive oil, sunflower and coconut oil are best. However seasame, almond and corn oil should be reduced since they increase pitta.

Many yogic asanas are very beneficial to balance pitta. In fact, all the doshas should be balanced to lead a healthy life.