Diagnosis in Ayurveda – 6 Eye Diagnosis

We all know that too much exposure to sun during the summer harms our skin. However, it is harmful for our eyes as well.  Exposure to the sun can lead to many eye related issues such as cataracts and damage to the retina. The other factors that affect the eyes adversely are --- using too much of computers, smartphones, and tablets. Sitting too much in front of TV can harm our eyes to a great extent.  Poor diet, lack of sleep and stressful lifestyle can also be the other causes of the ailments of the eyes.

What is Alochaka Pitta?
The summer season is considered  the pitta season.  This is because of the fiery qualities of the environment. As a result the pitta can get aggravated because pitta is made of fire and a bit of water.  The eyes are a pitta organ. Alochaka Pitta is located in the pupil of the eye and it represents light and visual impressions. When it goes out of balance i.e it increases strain, dryness and inflammation.

Types of Eyes According to Doshas

Vata Eyes: Such eyes are small. The person with such eyes always appears to be nervous. The eyelids are drooping and dry. The white of the eyes is generally muddy, while the iris is dark, grey brown or black.
Pitta Eyes: These eyes are moderate in size. They are lustrous and sensitive to light.
Kapha Eyes: Kapha eyes are large in size. They are beautiful and moist and have long, thick and oily lashes.

Diagnosis of Eyes
We can find out many ailments with the help of the diagnosis of the eyes. The dysfunction of thyroid gland can be found out if the eyes are predominant. If the liver is weak then the conjunctiva would be pale. A small iris indicates weak joints.  White ring around the iris indicates excessive intake of sugar. This may be the sign of stress in the middle age. Degeneration in joints is indicated if the white ring is very prominent.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Soothe Eye Strain, Irritation, Dry Eye and Inflammation

Reduce Screen Time
During the era of modern technology we are working more and more on computers, laptops and use smartphones. This results in the strain on the eyes, fatigue, inflammation and insomnia. Therefore, a break after every half an hour should be taken. If there is nature nearby like trees, sky, flowers, etc. ; we should gaze at them.

Trataka is one of the six yogic cleansing practices or Shat Kriyas mentioned in the yogic classical text. The idea of this yogic kriya is to focus one’s awareness on a single point, generally a flame. This is generally done to develop awareness, concentration, calm the mind and soothe and strengthen the eyes. Traditionally Ayurveda and yoga recommend a ghee candle to perform trataka. It is believed that the golden glow of ghee and its flame helps in boosting immunity and soothing the eyes.

Eye Palming
We absorb through our eyes that this can become stressful for eyes and nervous system. To relax overworked alochaka pitta and optic nerves, eye palming should be done every day.  It is very simple to do. Just sit comfortably in a dark room and rub your hands vigorously until some heat is built. The eyes should be closed and then keep the palms on the eyes. Several short breaths should be taken to connect with grounding quality of earth and cooling quality of water. This will provide great relaxation to the eyes.

Netra Basti
It is a traditional Ayurvedic eye treatment. A dough dam is built around each eye. Some medicated ghee is poured into the dam. The eyes remain open as the oil penetrates the eye. This therapy is very useful for if the eyes are feeling irritated, dry, red, painful, fatigued and are swollen. This therapy is useful to strengthen vision and heal glaucoma.  However, Netra Basti should be done by trained Ayurvedic practitioner.

Besides this there are many oils, yogic kriyas, and exercises for eyes that can be extremely useful to soothe and relax eyes.  But it should be kept in mind that the eye is a delicate organ. Therefore, it is impertinent that any treatment or exercise related to the eyes should be done after consulting the physician.

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