Diagnosis in Ayurveda

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It has been mentioned that ‘Face is the Index of Mind’. The lines and wrinkles on the face reveal many things about the personality of the person.  Not only can this be any of the underlying disorders be found out with the analysis of the person’s face.

Face Mapping
Ayurveda considers that every part of the face is linked in one or the other of the bodily organs.  It is also associated with one or the other of the doshas. The different parts of the face should be looked in the mirror carefully. The forehead is linked with Vata. If there is a person prone to dehydration the lines appear on the forehead, indicating the imbalance in Vata.

Pitta imbalance can mostly be found around the nose and cheeks. If the nose has high colour, its colour is red and has freckles on it, then there is pitta imbalance in the body.  Kapha imbalance is generally associated with the chin, jaw, neck and area around the mouth.  The skin is normally oily in these parts.

Let’s discuss each part of the face in detail:

The forehead is linked to the colon and it is said to be the seat of Vata.  In case the skin is broken out, there can be the problem of constipation. Horizontal wrinkling on the forehead indicates worry and anxiety; it is also due to the imbalance in the Vata.  A vertical line on the left side near the eyebrows shows that one is held up in emotions.  The kidneys can be impaired, when the lower eyelids are full and puffy.  If one is eating too much sugar and having the wrong fats together, it indicates a tendency to worry excessively.  It also indicates that the person is drinking too much water. In Ayurveda too much drinking of water is not considered good for healt="image not found"h.  It can flush out our important vitamins of the body.  Therefore, the water should be drunk in small quantities. It should never be drunk during the meals and the water should be of room temperature.

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The Nose and the Cheeks
The nose and the cheeks are the seat of Pitta dosha. They are linked to the small intestine. The Pitta dosh ism linked to fire.  Thus in case the nose and the cheeks are red in colour, the person shows the emotions of anger, frustration and jealousy. To balance to cool the skin one should slow down to gentle music, poetry.

Redness of skin might lead to many diseases like digestive disorders and also sinus congestion.

Mouth, Chin and Neck
Chest, mouth are the link of these areas and they are the seat of the Kapha dosha.  The most common emotions are grief, low depression, and fear of change in case there is imbalance in the Kapha dosha.

There can be spots on the lips. If the lips are white, it might indicate colon parasite; if discoloured, purplish or blue that it might be due to constipation.

In this way, by studying our face we can know about the imbalance in the doshas and also we can know the reason of the possible diseases or we can also know that our body is vulnerable to what diseases and in this way we can protect ourselves from many diseases.