Diagnosis in Ayurveda – 2 Tongue Diagnosis

Analysis of Tongue as Per Ayurvedic Method
According to Ayurveda, tongue is the strongest tool for looking into an individual’s health. Tongue is considered the most precise measure to diagnose one’s health. Tongue analysis can be used in complement with the diagnosis of the other organs like pulse, nails, facial diagnosis and so on. Though Ayurveda practitioners use this technique for diagnosis it is a very simple technique and can be used by anyone for self-diagnosis.

One should check one’s tongue regularly, so that it could be understood whether the toxins are not accumulating or not on the tongue.  With the self-examining of the tongue it could also be understood whether there is any problem or disease is underlying or not.

Following are the Areas covered under Tongue Analysis

- Health of the organs.
- Imbalance of any doshas --- vata, pita, and kapha.
- Tensions and emotions held in the spine, shoulders.
- Anemia.
- Disorders of Thyroid.
- Infections
- Any inflammation in the body.

Each of the organs of the body is related to one or the other area of the tongue.  The front part of the tongue is related to the lungs and heart. The middle part of the tongue is related with the liver, spleen and the stomach; and the back of the tongue is related with the kidneys, small intestines and the colon.  However, the tip of the tongue correlates with the thyroid.

Abnormalities of Tongue

Coating on the Tongue:  In case there is any coating on the tongue it is the clear indication of toxins in the body that have got deposited on the tongue. If the coating is at the back of the tongue it indicates that toxins are built up on the colon area.  The toxins deposited on the parts of the tongue indicate in the toxins in the subsequent organs.

Tongue Coating and Colour:  Too know more about the condition the colour of the coating should be noted. It has been  mentioned in our earlier blogs that Ayurveda is based on the three principles or doshas --- Vatta, Pitta and Kapha.  If the coating is grey, black or brown; these are Vata toxins. If the coating is of orange, red, yellow or green that indicates Pitta toxins and if the toxins are thick whitish, then these are kapha toxins. Thus we can know about the imbalance in dosha with the colour of the toxins.

Imbalance in Vata: The tongue is small, thin and shaky or trembling in appearance. It may look  pale in colour  and have might have many cracks. The coating is of grey, black or brown in colour.  Such person feels anxiety, fear, worry, a restless mind, sleep issues, constipation and gas.  To know more about Vatta follow the link - https://kayasetu.com/blogs/dosha/grounding-tips-for-vatta-imbalance

Imbalance In Pitta: If the Pitta is not balanced the tongue is of medium size. It has a sharp or pointedpointy tip. And its colour may be excessively red. The coating on the tongue is generally of green, yellow or orange. The disorder in Pitta might lead to inflammation, heat, skin disorders, anger, irritation, loose stools, and headaches. To more about Pitta follow the link - https://kayasetu.com/blogs/dosha/pitta-dosha

Imbalance in Kapha: If the Kapha is not in balance the tongue is thick and heavy. It may appear to be swollen and its colour is pale and has thick saliva build-up.  There might be disorders in the colon, kidneys, lungs or the stomach. The symptoms of the imbalance in Kapha are heaviness, sleep, lethargy, depression, slow rate of metabolism, easy weight gain. To know more about kapha follow the link - https://kayasetu.com/blogs/dosha/knowing-kapha-a-step-towards-good-health

Teeth Marks on the Tongue: More often the identification marks are found on the parameter of the tongue. The reason for this is  the body’s poor ability to absorb the food.  This might be due to the reason of poor digestion, allergenic foods. Chronic loose stools or parasitic infection may be the result.   If these issues are solved the marks on the tongue also disappear.

Cracks on the Vertically Downward on the Tongue: The vertical cracks generally appear on the centre of the tongue. It is the identification of stresses and emotions in the person.  It also indicates pain, and tension. It is due to the Vata imbalance in the body.

Swollen Tongue:  If the tongue is swollen it might be a sign of inflammation in the body. It indicates the presence of some undesirable food.  It reveals imbalance in Kapha.

The best way to keep the tongue in a good health is to keep it clean with the help of a scrapper. It removes all the unwanted coating from the tongue. Diagnosis of the tongue can be done by oneself. This diagnosis should be made part of one’s daily routine.

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