Ayurveda for Women – 3 Preventing Diseases & Helping Gain Women’s Creative Potential

Preventing Diseases
According to Ayurveda – ‘Diseases generate at the junction of the seasons’. We can say with the change of seasons most of the diseases take place. With the change of environment the bodily systems also change. When human body is poorly adaptive to this change the diseases take place. Like dawn and dusk are the joints of the day and night, similarly the joints in a woman’s life is menstruation and ovulation. Similarly menarche and menopause are the junctions in a woman’s life. The word menstrual is derived from the Sanskrit word rtu which means season.

Extremely serious imbalances such as auto-immune diseases, cancer and heart diseases can be benefitted by making Ayurveda a way of life. It won’t be wrong to say that Ayurveda is an herbal way of life, sans any side-effects. Ayurveda is more a preventive measure than the curative measure. It is much better to prevent a disease before it occurs. In Ayurveda preventive medicine is based on individual constitution. It is called svastha vritta – it means ‘establishing oneself in good habits’. It teaches the rejection of excess of everything.

Regular seasonal purifications form the one segment of preventive medicine as prescribed in Ayurveda.  This helps in protecting against imbalances that might arise from inflammation which arises due to ceaseless turning of the day’s seasons. Metabolic wastes are expelled by massage and exercise and other external wastes of all kinds and external wastes of all kinds are expelled by bathing and mental wastes are purged by meditation.

Each season of the year has a purification regime appropriate to each of the doshas. Excess of kapha is generally expelled in spring by keeping fast or by drinking weak ginger tea or some similar substance. Pitta is expelled during the summer season. Aloe Vera is very beneficial for the elimination of pitta. During the autumn season vata can be eliminated. Roots of vegetables, decoctions or herbal supplements can be used to reduce vata.

Creative Potential in Women
Menstruation is itself a seasonal purification. It is nature’s way to purify every woman’s body and mind. This service is provided by nature to women so that they can give birth to healthy children.  And only healthy mother can give birth to healthy children. Women should take advantage of this natural monthly cleansing. In this way Nature and they can fulfil their goals. Menstrual cycle every month is Nature’s plan to prevent women from being pregnant. Menstrual cycle is a process to generate in women the ability to repair and create. This is not a trouble with women rather it is a power that adds creativity in women.  It is a woman’s healthy life flow.  It prevents women from many diseases since it purifies the body every month.

Disclaimer:   This content has been adapted from the book Ayurveda for Women by Dr Robert E. Svoboda.

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