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kayasetu - Herbal Way Of Life

Stone Cutter-100% natural remedy to G...

Rs. 2,396.00 Rs. 4,792.00

Get rid of stones of the kidney and gall bladder without operations. Different types of deposits in our body can lead to the development of stones. Stone Cutter is an Ayurveda remedy which helps yo...

kayasetu - Herbal Way Of Life

Artho Safe- Instant Relief Joint and ...

Rs. 1,497.00 Rs. 2,994.00

Stop suffering from pains and ache and enjoy the instant benefits of Artho Safe. A 100% natural remedy for joint and bone aches, Artho Safe is a tried and tested remedy. A combination of over 20 di...

kayasetu - Herbal Way Of Life

Meh Mukti - 100% Herbal Remedy for Di...

Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,998.00

Diabetes has always been a core health concern. While there is no proven treatment for Diabetes in Allopathy, Meh Mukti allows you to control your blood sugar levels naturally. Based on the secrets...

kayasetu - Herbal Way Of Life

Asthma Care-Treat Asthma Naturally

Rs. 2,097.00 Rs. 4,194.00

Take a holistic approach to treat Asthma with Asthma Care from KayaSetu. Composed of natural herbs and medicinal plants, Asthma care treats the chronic condition naturally. The Tulsi, Pipal and Mar...

kayasetu - Herbal Way Of Life

Ayush Kadha - Increase your Immunity ...

Rs. 599.00 Rs. 1,000.00

Maintaining good health is very important and your immunity plays a key role in it. From ancient times, man has relied on a range of herbs and spices to ensure the immune system is strong and able ...

kayasetu - Herbal Way Of Life

Memory Enhancer Enhances Memory - A 1...

Rs. 899.00

Lack of concentration in both adults and kids Forgetting the already learned lessons Poor results in the exam All these are due to imbalance of Vata. Memory enhancer improves Vata in a natural wa...


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